South End Soccer

Adam Hark

Carolyn MacNeil

Co-Founder & Emeritus

Troy Gayle 

Sportsmanship Committee Chair

Caroline K. Foscato

President and Co-Founder


We Play

South End Soccer is a non-profit 501c3 organization comprised of staff, volunteers, parents and community members that are committed to creating equity in youth sports and using soccer to connect & strengthen our diverse community. ​We are a member of Mass Youth Soccer, and follow their philosophy of coach training, instruction and play.

Phi Nguyen

Director of Coaching

Rachel Garity   


Austin Dobson   

Scholarship Committee Chair

What We BeliEve

Lou Audia 


Our mandate is that ANY child should have the opportunity to play sports, and develop to their highest potential. Our programs are FREE and we provide all uniforms & equipment, finance should not be what keeps a child from playing. We also believe that sports have the power to bring together communities. By creating a welcoming "hub", our diverse and disassociated neighbors connect through the worlds most popular sport, find what they have in common, and form bonds that strengthen our community. 

Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory

Recreation League Coordinator

Heidi Boulogne

Risk Manager

Meg Lindberg



We Are

Jeremy Solomons

Registrar, and

Referee Mentor & Assignor

Our Team

Our recreational league for ages 5-12 plays from September through November with player registration in August and September. Our Travel Teams play in the Fall and Spring with try-outs in May. In the winter we offer training clinics and futsal Jan-April with registration in Dec/Jan. ​In the summer, we partner with youth program to provide clinics & training soccer to neighborhood youth programs.