South End Soccer

Building on fourteen years of inclusive and successful soccer programs and events in Boston, Soccer Unity Project was born from a two-year strategic planning process that identified the incredible potential of joining South End Soccer, Boston Unity Cup, and additional city-wide programming to deepen the impact of soccer.

We see soccer as a powerful tool that can be used to bring together our global city and shift our history of inequity, polarization, disconnection and bias across race, ethnicity, age, income, and industry. For our youth programs, we believe every child should have the opportunity to engage in sport. We work to change the culture of youth soccer from a pay-to-play model with a history of systematic racism and gender inequality to one that welcomes and develops urban youth regardless of background or experience. Our methodology utilizes the soccer pitch as a "hub" of connection, intersection, inclusion, and community building.

Our mission is to reimagine the power of soccer to build community, connect people from diverse backgrounds, and promote equity in youth play.