2019 FALL schedules:


Kinder Clinics (Location: Carter Field, Columbus Ave.)

  • start Saturday, September 14th  @ 9am, then every Saturday

Grades 1-2 (Location: Carter Field, Columbus Ave.)

  • First practice on Tuesday, Sept. 10 @ 6pm, then every Tuesday
  • Games on Saturdays at 10:30am

Grades 3-6 (Location: Carter Field, Columbus Ave.)

  • First Practice Thursday, September 12 @ 6pm, then every Thursday
  • Games on Saturdays at 12:00pm


  • Schedules on TeamSnap, contact coach or team manager
  • If you are interested to play on a travel team, please contact: 
  • Dir. of Coaching, Phi Nguyen, southendsoccerdirector@gmail.com


  • First day, Tuesday Sept. 10th @ Madison Park Fields
  • Contact Ethan Goldman,HS Mngr. ethan@bostonscores.org​

South End Soccer Wants you - Ways to get involved

Sponsor a Team or Make a Donation

  • Learn more hereon sponsor levels and details, and how YOU can help make soccer FREE and open to any urban youth!

Become a Coach or Volunteer

Referee Opportunities & Trainings (Ages 14 and over) -

Great job for teens & adults!

  • If you are 14 or older, you can become a certified referee and be paid - great part-time job!

  • Contact our SES Dir. of Coaching, Phi Nguyen at phinguyen617@gmail.com
  • Referee trainings with MSRC & Information: https://www.massref.net/becomeref.cfm​​​

 “When my daughter first started … she was timid and afraid to go after the ball… now she gets in there… her skills have grown incredibly.” 

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Equity - community - excellence in youth Soccer

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We have all your fall and winter wear with SE Soccer Swag!   

Welcome to

south end soccer!

Since founding in 2008, South End Soccer has been committed to giving urban youth the opportunity to play the world’s most popular sport regardless of prior experience or economic means. We offer recreational and competitive play for ages 5-18. We are a member of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYSA), following their philosophy of coach training, instruction and play.  We provide fun, age appropriate programs for your child that fosters comfort with the ball and a sense of teamwork. We use soccer as a tool to connect our diverse community, and overcome the obstacles that hinder urban youth and underserved communities from getting on the field and engendering a love of the game. 

"We love South End Soccer. This program brings together people from all different backgrounds. The program's diversity and inclusion is amazing. Plus its a free program!"

“(My son) is learning patience. His social skills have improved.”

   GET YOUR Tickets to our Fall fundraiser

       - SKY's The Limit on Nov. 14th @ Yotel

  • Here is link to purchase tickets & sponsorships
  • Join us to enjoy tasty bites and drinks while raising funds to
    help create equity in youth sports.
  • Our programs have no required fees, we provide all uniforms and equipment so urban youth can get on the pitch and engender a love of the game!